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Copper pipe lined with white stellar PVC sheath, specifically for plumbing and drinking water systems
Copper tube Characteristics
Copper tube annealed for plumbing (Cu-DHP 99.90 min.) (R220) carbon residue <0,20 mg/dm2,seamless, for water, air, gas and fluids in general. The Mechanical characteristics, dimensions, tolerances and eccentricities complies to the EN 1057.

Coating Characteristics
The tube is coated with a stellar polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheath, white color perfectly adherent to the external surface, odorless and free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Technical relevant details:
• Density: 1,7 Kg./dm3
• Self-extinguishing: complies to DIN 4102-B2

Product features
Ideal for the construction of plumbing systems for the distribution of drinking water (ITALIAN D.P.R. 1095/68 – D.M. 174/04 – D.E. 98/83 and D.L. 31/01) and is a particularly versatile copper tube for all plumbing applications in the residential and industrial building sector. It is also used in the chemical and petrochemical industries and in systems for the distribution of compressed air and fluids in general.

Delivery and Packaging
Packaged in coils with PE film on wooden pallets, firmly anchored by an extensible film made of a transparent polyethylene that completely wraps it up.