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Smooth PVC coated copper tube for automotive and industrial installations
Copper tube Characteristics
Annealed copper tube (Cu-DHP 99.90 min.) (R220), seamless for water and gas, mechanical properties, dimensions, tolerances and eccentricity comply with EN 1057 and EN 12735-1.

Coating Characteristics
Soft polyvinylchloride (PVC) coating, black and white in colour, non-toxic, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free.
Technical characteristics:
• Density: 1,7 Kg./dm3
• Self-extinguishing: comply with DIN 4102-B2

Fields of application
Specific for automotive gas (LPG) systems in compliance with ECE ONU R67-01 is also used for:
• chemical and petrochemical installations
• gas distribution networks
• liquid fuel distribution networks
• hydraulic installations
• compressed air distribution system

Delivery and packaging
Packaged in coils wrapped with Pe film, on wooden pallets with cardboard layer and firmly anchored by an extensible film in transparent polyethylene that wraps it completely.