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Preinsulated copper tube with seamless expanded PE sheath, specific for heating systems (L.10/91 Coefficient 0.3)
Copper tube Characteristics
Annealed copper tube (Cu-DHP 99.90 min.) (R220), carbon residue <0,20 mg/dm2,seamless for water, air, gas and fluids in general, mechanical properties, dimensions, tolerances and eccentricity comply with EN 1057.

Coating Characteristics
Insulating sheath in closed-cell expanded polyethylene (without welding), free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) harmful to the environment, insulation thickness in compliance with L.10/91.
Technical values:
• Thermal conductivity at 40° = 0,040 W/m°C
• Fire resistance: Class 1
• Operating temperature -45°C / +100°C
• Insulating sheath density 30 Kg/m3
External film in LDPE extruded polyethylene with high mechanical resistance, anti-scratch, blue or green colour.

Fields of application
Ideal for the construction of all water pipelines and in particular for heating systems laid sub-floor (L.10/91 coefficient 0,3). IAlso suitable for the distribution of compressed air and fluids in general.

Delivery and packaging
Packaged in coils on wooden pallets with cardboard layer and firmly anchored by an extensible film in transparent polyethylene that completely wraps it up.