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Copper tube pre-insulated with an anti-condensate sheath expanded Pe seamless complying with Euro-class BL-s1-d0 for Split-System installations
Copper tube Characteristics
Seamless annealed Cu-DHP 99.90 min. ACR copper (R220) for refrigerant gases. Mechanical characteristics, dimensions, tolerances and eccentricity in compliance with EN 12735-1. It can be used with the new generation refrigerant gases R-407C, R-410A and R-32. Internal cleaning and dehumidification with an inert gas, carbon residue <0,34 mg/dm2 and sealed ends as per ASTM B280.

Coating Characteristics
Insulating material made in extruded polyethylene foam, seamless, with closed cells and very high resistance factor to the diffusion of water vapour. The expansion of the coating is carried out without the use of CFCs, as per Regulation 3952/92 issued by the EU Environmental Council for the elimination of harmful gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
• Thermal conductivity at 40°C ≤ 0,040 W/m*K
• Water vapour diffusion resistance factor (anti-condensation) ≥ 15000
Euroclass B l-s1-d0 fire reaction
• Operating temperature -80°/+100°C
• Does not contain CFC
External film in white LDPE with high mechanical resistance.

Fields of application
Specific for all air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems using the new generation refrigerant gases R407C, R410A and R32. Can be used in all systems that require a self-extinguishing class in compliance with European regulation.

Delivery and packaging
To safeguard the mirror shine brightness and perfect cleanliness of the inner part, each coil is sealed with plastic caps at the ends. The protective sleeve is ink-jet marked with the brand, dimensional characteristics, the self-extinguishing class and the progressive size meter. Packaged in coils with PE film on wooden pallets with cardboard layer and firmly anchored by an extensible film in transparent polyethylene that completely wraps it up.